Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Make Sure Your Parking Lot is Giving a Good, CLEAN First Impression!

Your parking lot gives the first impression of your business. Be sure to make it a good one by keeping it clean! Power washing can give your parking lot a fresh new look! 

StarCare Power Wash can get the job done! We use environmentally safe products and offer maintenance contracts for ongoing services. Give us a call today!

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Top 5 Reasons to Have Your Home Professionally Pressure Washed

Pressure Washing is a cost-effective method of beautifying your home or residential property. It is an extremely affordable home improvement service, which can have a dramatic impact on the aesthetic appeal of your house.

The other benefit of Pressure Washing when compared to other forms of home improvement is that it appeals to all tastes. I mean if you take a home improvement service such as painting or any type of construction, not only are they generally a lot more expensive, but it is largely a service which caters to your personal taste or style. These choices may not appeal to others, because everybody can appreciate money invested on a clean external environment.

Here are the top 5 reasons to have your home professionally power washed:

1) Affordable and makes a huge difference. Pressure Washing and other facets of exterior cleaning, restoration and maintenance are all extremely affordable. Cleaning your driveway can cost next to nothing and can make a massive difference to your home's curb appeal. Cleaning your roof is a fraction of the cost of a roof replacement and the results will be just the same as if you had replaced your roof with a new one.

2) Add Value to your home or property. Power Washing can increase not only the appeal of your home or property, it can add value. Real estate agents will all tell you that money spend on professional exterior cleaning, will pay dividends when it comes time to sell. Power Washing is a great way to prepare your home for sale, without over-capitalizing.

3) Get professional results. Doing it yourself can often leave with second-rate results. That's because most of the time when somebody attempts to power wash their concrete driveway, sidewalks or pool deck, they will use a small domestic style, perhaps electric model power washer, which simply does not have the grunt required to do the job right. If you are looking for professional results, you will need to hire a professional. A professional will have high-powered, commercial power washers and equipment. They will also have experience with the leading cleaning agents, which can help you remove all types of stains and contaminants from all of your surfaces and substrates without damaging them.

4) Avoid injury. Many do it yourself home owners get injured every year around the home. Ladders are particular dangerous and the cause of many of these types of injuries. A professional pressure washing company will use long extension wands and high reach apparatuses, therefore may not even need a ladder to get areas around your home cleaned. You can avoid serious injury, by leaving these types of services around your home to the experts.

5) Enjoy your weekend. Do it yourselfers will often spend their whole weekend undertaking jobs that would take a professional a fraction of the time. Wouldn't you rather spend your weekend doing something more enjoyable than cleaning?

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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

How to Choose the Right Power Wash Contractor

Here are five suggestions for getting the most from your next power wash project.

#1: Ask for a Free Estimate: Each job is unique and is difficult to get an accurate price over the phone. Request that the power wash contractor make a free on-site visit to meet with you and review your job requirements. The contractor should make suggestions on meeting your specific needs and provide a written estimate to you, so there will not be any overcharges or surprise add-ons. Free estimates are a great way to test the contractors knowledge and to see the company's appearance and professionalism first hand, without obligations. If you do not feel comfortable with the contractor on your first meeting, most likely you will not feel confident when they show up to perform the task of cleaning the building.

#2: Ask for Client References: Reputable power wash companies who have been in business for several years should have a list of clients who have similar property requirements like yours. Ask to see a list of previous clients and specifically for the names of at least 2-3 clients to call as background checks. It is nice to see before / after pictures of a property so the contractor can explain how they addressed specific issues like: protecting landscaping plants during the process.

#3: Ask about the Power Washing Process: The contractor should be able to provide you with a quick overview of how the power washing process works. There are four elements to the power washing process: pressure, water flow rate, cleaning solution and heat. If one of the elements changes, the total cleaning process changes. For example, if the contractor chooses to use a cold water instead of hot water, they will have to add more chemicals, apply higher pressure or use more water to achieve the same results. As the client, you deserve to know the process and what types of potential chemicals the contractor will be using.

#4: Choose a Contractor Based Upon the Best Value: If you choose a company based upon price only you may not get the best job done right. There are better reasons to base your buying decision upon when it comes to protecting your property investment. Professionalism, quality, knowledge, appearance, what their customers are saying about them, and what are the benefits to you are all things that should be considered when choosing a power washing contractor. Also, when companies bid low to get the job, they are forced to cut corners and sacrifice quality in order to turn a profit.

#5: Choose a Bonded / Insured Contractor: Protect your property by choosing a bonded and insured contractor. At the free estimate meeting, the company representative should let you know if they provide background checks on employees, carry property damage insurance and truly care about protecting your business while they are performing their duties.

Along with meeting these criteria, the contractor should ask you if there is a best time to perform these services as not to interfere with your regular business operations.

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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Fast Food Restaurant Doors Can Be Problematic When Customers Have Their Hands Full

You go into the fast food restaurant and have your hands full of food in a bag and drinks in hand or on a tray, and then there is a door you have to navigate with that load. This is a perfect place for spills to happen: Cola and other sweet sticky drinks, shakes, milk, you name it. Crash. It's all over the sidewalk. The manager has someone clean it up for sure, but over time, it looks worse and worse. It's looking nasty even.

Then, StarCare Power Wash comes to the rescue and that place becomes so clean that it is like starting all over again. You know it's going to happen again, right? Let's schedule some regular cleanings! Keep the outside of your shop as clean as the inside! The oil in the parking lot too!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Call StarCare Power Wash for Canopy Cleaning!

StarCare Power Wash offers a variety of services, including those hard to reach places like your building's canopies. Let us do the hard work to help make your business cleaner and brighter. 

We offer maintenance contracts for ongoing services.


Monday, July 16, 2018

The Commercial-Grade Difference Is Easy To See In The End Result

The difference in a commercial-grade quality power wash machine and the one you might use at home or to rent are worlds apart in what they can do. StarCare Power Wash uses large 3500 psi hot water pressure washers as seen in this image. We mean business! And that makes all the difference in how clean we can get your project. Call StarCare Power Wash at 707-580-3665 and let us help you see the clean difference.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Why Do Pressure Washing Companies Use Water Reclamation?

While water covers 70 percent of the planet, less than 3 percent of it is fresh and only 1 percent of it is accessible. Because water is such a precious resource, pressure washing companies provide water reclamation services to keep local watersheds clean, reduce the impact on the local water supply and meet environmental standards.

What is Water Reclamation?

If you have a rain barrel at home to catch water that runs off your roof, you reclaim the water and put it to good use. Similarly, pressure-washing companies capture the wastewater that they produce using recovery and filtration units that vacuum wastewater using a berm, vacuuming surface-cleaner equipment or hand-held vacuum hoses. The water passes through a series of filters and into a holding tank for reuse or disposal. While this water isn’t drinkable, it is safe to use for landscaping irrigation, toilets, creating artificial bodies of water, mixing concrete, cleaning equipment and more. With a properly designed water reclamation system, the treated wastewater is of high enough quality to be safe for human exposure. When the technician cannot dispose of the wastewater properly or does not have a filtering system, he’ll take it to a disposal facility.

Why Professionals Use Water Reclamation Services

  • Reduce pollution: Wastewater produced by pressure washing equipment often has biological and chemical pollutants that may pose a danger to groundwater and local watersheds. Capturing the water helps ensure that only storm water goes into a municipal drain system.
  • It’s the law: In the US and Canada, there are state, federal and province-specific laws regarding what can go into sewers and storm drains. Pressure washing companies reclaim wastewater to protect the environment and maintain compliance with environmental laws.
  • Reduce the demand on local water supplies: As the demand for fresh water increases, so do water shortages. Using reclaimed water helps increase the amount of water available to homes and natural habitats.
  • Reduced operating costs: In Canada and the US, some customers are charged for the amount of water used and sent down the drain. Water reclamation services help lower these costs, enabling pressure-washing companies to pass the saving on to customers.

PWNA Safety Procedures

The Power Washers of North America, a group that informs members on best practices for safety in pressure washing. Make sure your technicians are ready for work, wearing appropriate clothing and operating power washers in a safe manner. Take time before each project to train our pressure washing crews on safety issues.

Courtesy of The Power Washers of North America blog

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Results of Professional Power Washing are Incredible!

Do you remember what your concrete used to look like before all the dirt, grime, and stains? You will after StarCare Power Wash gets done with it!

We believe in quality, superb results, relationships and offer the StarCare your property deserves with professionalism, technique and poise.

Give us a call today!

Saturday, July 7, 2018

The Benefits of Power Washing Extend to Even the Most Neglected Areas

Who would have thought a dumpster pad could see such an improvement? 
The professionals at StarCare Power Wash, that's who! 

Give us a call to see how we can help your business improve it's curb appeal!



Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Happy 4th of July!

“One flag, one land, one heart, one hand, one nation evermore!” 
-Oliver Wendell Holmes

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Give Your Customers a Clean Drive-Thru View

What kind of view would you like your drive-thru customers to see while ordering and waiting for their food? StarCare Power Wash can help to make it a CLEAN one! We offer a variety of commercial power washing services including drive-thru's, storefronts, parking lots, and much more! Give us a call to discuss how we can make your business cleaner and brighter.