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Benefits of Power Washing a Deck

Once the sunshine pokes its head out and temperatures rise, your deck is a perfect place to enjoy warm weather. However, if mold and mildew have turned your deck green with grime, it’s harder to enjoy than it was before. One of the best ways to keep your deck looking perfect is to pressure wash it regularly. Power washing a deck removes built-up mold and mildew, refreshing its surface and helping prevent permanent damage and staining. Be careful to avoid risk by contracting a professional power washing service, trained to safely achieve results without causing damage.

Our goal in this post is to further educate you on the benefits of power washing a deck.

Mold, Algae, and Dirt on Your Deck

Before diving into the benefits of a deck wash, let’s look at what you might be seeing on your deck.

Just like the siding on a home, decks are exposed to the elements and need to be maintained in order to extend their lifespan. Airborne algae find their way to your deck’s surfaces, latch on, and (if left untreated) continue to grow until they leave permanent stains behind. This algae combines with moisture-loving mold and mildew, creating a perfect breeding ground for contaminants to further ruin your deck. Add in the dirt and grime from foot traffic, and it’s easy to see why your deck needs your help to look its best.

To help understand what you can do to keep everything clean and protected, let’s look at the benefits of professional power washing for your deck.

Deck Washing Saves Time and Money

As previously stated, routine maintenance on a deck helps keep it beautiful while extending its lifespan and preventing costly damages. Power washing a deck is far cheaper than the cost of replacing even small portions of your deck. Materials carry the average price of $25 per square foot, and the cost of lumber has skyrocketed due to higher demand in building materials and a bustling housing market. In short, the cost of replacing your deck is the most expensive it has ever been.

There are many types of decks, ranging from Trex to wooden to composite- one-story, two-story, etc. Power washing is a safe and effective way to clean and protect Trex, wood, and composite decks. However, professional power washing companies should ask detailed questions to ensure that they are capable of providing safe results. That’s why it is wise to avoid the “one-price-fits-all” contractors that are eager to treat every deck the same. Often times you get what you pay for, winding up with a lower cost on the service but expensive repairs on the back end. That’s why it’s important to go with a reputable company with professional technicians.

Power Wash Deck Surfaces Safely

Instead of letting mold and mildew grow uncontrollably, treat your deck to routine maintenance by a professional power washing service. For example, some pros use a soft wash method designed to combine biodegradable cleansers with safe pressure to ensure the best results for your deck.

Boost Curb Appeal

Beyond removing contaminants and beautifying your deck, having your deck professionally washed can eventually make you some money! Power washing your property can add about $15,000 to your home’s value according to the National Association of Realtors. Essentially, a deck cleaning along with having your other exterior surfaces power washed will net you a favorable return on investment- while providing a home you can love from top to bottom.

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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Should I Pressure Wash the Parking Lot?

Yes, because parking lots won’t stop getting dirty. It goes along with being outside and exposed to the elements and foot and vehicle traffic. Keeping your lot clean might seem futile, but with a little bit of care, your lot will not only last longer, but look better and even be safer. Here are three big reasons why Command7 thinks that you should hire professionals to pressure wash your parking lot.

While foot traffic and vehicle traffic certainly wear on your lot, feet and cars generally don’t sit on your lot for extended periods of time. What does stick around are the things that come from people, cars, and the weather. Once the snow and ice thaw in a colder area, you’re left with deicing chemicals and pools of water. Dirt is an unavoidable fact of the outdoors, and where there are cars there’s going to be tire marks, grime, oil, grease, and other pollution. Where people walk, there are also going to be food spills, chewing gum, graffiti, and other sticky things. Not only are these things ugly, but they could damage your lot, which leads to costly damages, and in some cases make your customers slip and fall.

Procrastination doesn’t pay off in the long run when it comes to your lot. The longer you let dirt build up, the harder it’s going to be to remove it. Harder cleanup jobs will be more expensive, because they’re difficult to do well, require more time, and might even require specialized equipment. Regular cleanings are cheaper, easier, and therefore ideal. However, even if you haven’t been maintaining your lot, it’s not too late to start: cleaning up now can help restart your maintenance schedule, and one good cleaning now, even if it’s expensive, can save you from an even bigger job in the future. The idea of paying to power-wash caked-on pollutants and debris doesn’t seem so bad when you think about the possibility of the problem getting worse or even causing other problems, like slip and fall lawsuits or potholes that need to be repaired.

Why not handle parking lot pressure washing in-house? Because, for many reasons, it’s better to let someone else handle that job. While you could sweep your lot on a daily basis in order to take care of larger debris, some of what gets in the concrete of your parking lot doesn’t come up so easily.

Technology is a factor in this: in addition to the pressure washing equipment itself, pressure washing services are more likely to have the equipment and training necessary to capture the toxic runoff that inevitably happens when you deep-clean concrete, and it’s important to keep those chemicals from getting into the water. With professional service comes liability insurance coverage, which will help take care of the repair costs for damage that happens on their watch. It’s a time-saver that allows specialized professionals to move at their own pace and leave you free to focus on your business. Not only will you save money by saving time and effort, but if you hire someone else, you won’t have to take on equipment acquisition and maintenance costs. Finally, it just feels better to know that a job as important as this one will be done right.

Article Source: https://command7.com/pressure-wash-parking-lot/

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Maintaining Your Concrete Driveway

Concrete is a commonly used, durable driveway material that sits in front of many homes throughout the United States. And while you may think of your concrete driveway as something that can handle anything, that’s rarely the case. To keep it in good shape, it requires cleaning and maintenance. Here are five things to keep in mind regarding your concrete driveway:

  1. Concrete is porous. What you may not realize is that despite how hard the surface is, concrete is porous. Made from a combination of small gravel, sand and cement mix, tiny holes stretch across the surface.
  2. Grime and bacteria can collect in the pores. Over time, dirt, grime, bacteria, mold, and mildew can actually collect in the small pores of a concrete driveway or sidewalk. This is a natural process as the driveway is exposed to the outdoor elements. If you have seen stained areas of your driveway this is likely the issue.
  3. Power washing is a must. The best way to maintain your concrete driveway is to have it power washed on a regular basis. Pressure washing will remove stains, mold and mildew from the surface. You can do this as a homeowner, but it will be nearly impossible to remove all spots and stains.
  4. Professional concrete restoration can leave your driveway in like-new condition. Using a special process, the experts can get your concrete looking great. We take advantage of commercial-grade power washing equipment that has a rotary head to provide a deep cleaning.
  5. Further, protect your concrete driveway with a sealant. The right sealant will keep your driveway looking great. Once your driveway has been cleaned, sealant fills its pores and protects it for years to come.

Simply put, it’s a good idea to get your driveway cleaned and sealed. Request a quote today or head to our concrete driveway page to learn more.

Article Source: https://www.perfectpowerwash.com/a-quick-guide-to-maintaining-your-concrete-driveway/

Sunday, June 6, 2021


Doing a deep cleaning for your house is encouraged for various reasons. Our homes are constantly exposed to dirt, moisture, mold, and dust, which will accumulate on the surface of our homes. It can be tiresome to remove it manually, and the best option to try is using power washing.

It may sound like a luxury, but power washing is an innovative and economical way to clean and improve home conditions. It has become a preference for commercial and residential buildings because it is a better cleaning solution than the typical ones. Power washing is not just about cleaning the wall or roof; you can use it to clean walkways or garbage stains.

You may need to take into consideration a few factors such as season and weather. Suppose you live in mostly hot areas; cleaning your home once a year is okay. But if you are living in areas with a bit harsh condition, wash at least twice a year. Don’t forget to do your research regarding available services in your area so you’ll get the needed information such as quotation and types of cleaning service.

Here are the benefits of hiring a professional power washer.

Saves Time

One obvious benefit of power washing is it saves time. No more scrubbing, climbing hard-to-reach surfaces and using harsh chemicals to remove stains on surfaces. Manual brushing is not efficient as power washing, and it will take longer to finish a surface.

Meanwhile, power washing can cut expenses and time in cleaning, especially hard-to-reach spaces around the house. No more preparing for the necessary tools and cleaning chemicals, and climbing up and down the ladder, which is a hazard.

Protect the Family and Home

The growth of mold and mildew is a severe health hazard for your family health. It can trigger respiratory issues such as asthma and allergies. Mold and mildew release spores, which are dangerous when inhaled, particularly in children. Moreover, algae growth is also dangerous because it can cause slippery walkways that can lead to falling. When these growths are left untreated, it can lead to serious repair that can add to the expenses.

When you’re using a pressure washer, it can effectively remove all mold, mildew, and algae growing in surfaces around the house. It is also a safer way of removing these elements because you are not in close contact with the spores. Consider power washing as one of your yearly home maintenance procedures.

Boost Curb Appeal

Curb appeal refers to the first impression people have when they see the property. Curb appeal can show how particular and meticulous an owner is in taking care of the house. A power wash can make your home look new and refreshed without applying any new paint.

All the years of dirt lodged on the surfaces can easily be removed with a simple power wash. It gives the home an inviting feel. It’s a waste of spending money on landscaping and garden beautification when the house’s exterior looks dull and old.

Environment Friendly

Power washing is way friendlier for the environment than the typical cleaning because it does not require chemicals harmful to the environment.

It will then use high pressure to create a force that can easily remove dirt and other stains easily. It also saves a lot of water compared to cleaning with a garden hose because the washer produces fifty times more force. The better result with less water.

Prevent Damage

Not cleaning the surface in your home will eventually lead to rot and damage. A power wash is the easiest way to maintain the home’s overall look and avoid expensive repairs. Molds and other dirty elements can accelerate rotting, and it can often lead to irreversible damage.

Increase Home Value

If you are planning to put your home in the market, consider hiring a professional power washer. It can add to the curb appeal attracting potential buyers. It also shows that you are maintaining your home. Pressure washing can make your home look brand new and clean.

If you’re planning to repaint the exterior walls, power washing is perfect for priming the wall. It removes all unwanted dirt and stains, giving you a smooth and clean space to work on. It will make the paint stay longer.


Hiring a professional power wash is definitely worth the money. You don’t have to spend hours scrubbing and brushing every dirty surface, climbing a ladder, and exposing yourself to different chemicals that can be harmful. You’ll be able to improve the aesthetic appearance of your house, prevent potential injuries and damages, and, importantly, keep your family safe from the unwanted effects of mold and mildew growth. Go and schedule a power washing session for your home!

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Pressure Washers: Why to Hire Instead of Rent

Renting pressure washers to clean the many surfaces of your home can be dangerous. Learn why you might want to hire a professional pressure washer instead.

Got a dingy driveway? Has your roof become streaked and stained? Do you want to restore the natural beauty of your deck or fence? You might need the services of a qualified pressure washing company.

Though pressure washers can be bought by consumers, the machinery and process are dangerous, with water pressure powerful enough to cause serious injuries. The pressure stream can pierce skin and eyes if exposed, so pressure washing machine should be used with extreme caution in any scenario.

Additionally, consumer pressure washers may not deliver the pressure necessary for all jobs. Because these machines can be rented out over and over again, and be destructive and potentially harmful, some consumer machines might be less powerful than expected. You might find out that you can't complete your job or get the result you were seeking.

Cost of Professional Pressure Washing Service
The cost of professional pressure washing costs between 8 and 80 cents per square foot, depending on local rates and the type of job. According to Costhelper.com, pressure washing the exterior of a 2,100-square-foot home can cost between $150 and $750. However, if the exterior of your house is clad in lead paint, check with your local health department before pressure washing.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Professional Pressure Washer
Ask how much pressure, which is measured by pounds per inch and gallons per minute, will be used. Some professionals believe more is not necessarily better, especially on surfaces like wood, grout and roofing.

Ask if environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions are used.

Ask whether cold water or hot water is used. Cold water might not be as effective on extremely dirty of greasy areas, so hot water can have certain advantages.

Ask for estimates, references, insurance, bonding and licensure.

Article Source: https://www.angieslist.com/articles/pressure-washers-why-hire-instead-rent.htm