Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Quick Service Station Cleaning

With the right machines, cleaners, and power, what was once an oily mess is clean again. 

Full-service pressure washing and soft washing. We specialize in exterior cleaning on both commercial and residential properties. We are experienced, insured, reliable and easy to do business with! We also specialize in disinfecting and sanitizing exterior surfaces!

Sunday, October 25, 2020

The Importance Of Regular Power Washing: A Little Goes A Long Way

Dirt, grime, and mildew sneak up with you. What starts as a little bit of a buildup can turn into an ugly and damaging mess very fast. This not only ruins the appearance of your building, it can also lead to costly damages down the road. By scheduling regular commercial power washing, you make a small investment that will help your building’s bottom line in a number of ways.

A Better First Impression With Commercial Pressure Washing

Your building only gets one chance to make a first impression. If the walls, sidewalks, and windows are covered in dirt, how do you think that will influence potential tenants? Chances are, you’re going to lose business as people will be so unimpressed with the messy exterior, nothing inside the building will change their minds. A commercial power wash from time to time will change that.

A dirty exterior also creates problems with your current tenants. No one likes coming home to a messy building and your lack of cleaning will leave many wondering why they signed a lease in the first place. Tenants will also start questioning how you’re using their HOA fees. By regularly cleaning your building, you’ll create an atmosphere that is pleasing to new and old tenants alike.

Commercial Power Washing Services Are A Money Saver

If you don’t regularly clean the exterior of your building, the dirt buildup can cost you in more than a few ways. Some of the problems you could run into include:

  • Cracks developing on your walls and sidewalks from mildew and mold.
  • The need to replace windows that are too dirty to see out of and clean.
  • Damaged gutters that are clogged with too much dirt.
  • Lawsuits from people that slip and fall on algae buildups on the floors.

All these problems are much more expensive than the costs of a commercial power washing service. Regular building upkeep definitely pays off in the end.

Commercial Regular Pressure Washing Is Easy Pressure Washing

The longer you let dirt buildup, the harder it is to remove. If you keep putting off your pressure washing, the job is going to be a lot more difficult and expensive.

Your cleaners are going to need to spend more time to clean up your building and will need to use more costly equipment and supplies. In addition, there is a greater chance that some parts may be too dirty to clean and will need to be replaced. When you schedule regular cleanings, each job will be quick and simple.

Don’t get discouraged though if you haven’t scheduled a cleaning in a while. With commercial pressure washing, it’s better late than never. The right cleaning service will be able to make your dirty exterior looking good as new. From there, you can get back on track to a regular cleaning schedule. It’s better to pay for one slightly more expensive cleaning today instead of procrastinating to costly damages and replacements tomorrow.

Keeping the exterior of your building clean is as easy or complicated as you make it. Kicking the cleaning can down the road will lead to bigger bills and bigger headaches. With commercial pressure washing, truly a little goes a long way.

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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Maintaining Your Concrete Driveway

Concrete is a commonly used, durable driveway material that sits in front of many homes throughout the United States. And while you may think of your concrete driveway as something that can handle anything, that’s rarely the case. To keep it in good shape, it requires cleaning and maintenance. Here are five things to keep in mind regarding your concrete driveway:

  1. Concrete is porous. What you may not realize is that despite how hard the surface is, concrete is porous. Made from a combination of small gravel, sand and cement mix, tiny holes stretch across the surface.
  2. Grime and bacteria can collect in the pores. Over time, dirt, grime, bacteria, mold, and mildew can actually collect in the small pores of a concrete driveway or sidewalk. This is a natural process as the driveway is exposed to the outdoor elements. If you have seen stained areas of your driveway this is likely the issue.
  3. Power washing is a must. The best way to maintain your concrete driveway is to have it power washed on a regular basis. Pressure washing will remove stains, mold and mildew from the surface. You can do this as a homeowner, but it will be nearly impossible to remove all spots and stains.
  4. Professional concrete restoration can leave your driveway in like-new condition. Using a special process, the experts can get your concrete looking great. We take advantage of commercial-grade power washing equipment that has a rotary head to provide a deep cleaning.
  5. Further, protect your concrete driveway with a sealant. The right sealant will keep your driveway looking great. Once your driveway has been cleaned, sealant fills its pores and protects it for years to come.

Simply put, it’s a good idea to get your driveway cleaned and sealed. Request a quote today or head to our concrete driveway page to learn more.

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Friday, October 16, 2020

Pressure Washing A Residential Driveway - StarCare Powerwash

Tim with StarCare Powerwash shows how they can bring a driveway back to life and effectively clean the concrete surface. See more at

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Ultimate Benefits of Having Your Home/Business Professionally Pressure Washe

Our homes and business are subjected to a lot of filth on a day to day basis, which eventually accumulates and can drastically lower our exterior appearance. Even though this may concern you and provoke you to purchase one of the readily available pressure washers from your local hardware or big box store, getting rid of accumulated dirt and grease can be a daunting task. The operational process involving control of heat, pressure, water flow and cleaning solutions is similarly complicated. Hiring professionals to pressure wash your premise is may be the only assured way of getting the job done without nightmares and costly mistakes.

Higher Level Of Experience And Better Techniques

Experts have are obviously merited with significant experience over one-timers and or fly by nighter contractors. This is crucial for the fact that application of wrong techniques in concrete cleaning or driveway cleaning may result in unwanted results like compaction of the grime or etching of the surface. By understanding the powerful nature of a pressure washer, you will realize that only professionals can be able to work with it without causing damage. Professional cleaners also understand the right soaps and detergants needed to clean effectively. With their expertise they will be able to determine the appropriate technique to apply on different platforms to accomplish the job flawlessly.

Better Equipped To Handle The Job!

Another point to consider is that professionals are better equipped to do their job. Even though you might shop for pressure washing equipment, it probably isn't ideal for the job. It is right to let the professionals who have mastered their career and invested on it do the cleaning for you. Most contractors have thousands of dollars of equipment to complete the job correctly. Items like hot water pressure washing units, surface cleaners, soft wash systems, and other pieces of equipment will provide a better level of clean for your property. Also their dedication to the job complemented by division of labor will prove indispensable for your sidewalk cleaning or gum removal needs.

Understanding Of Environment Protection Agency Guidelines

Most cleaning activities that involve pressure washers have detrimental effects on the environment and this is something that only professionals know how to handle. The fact that their equipment's are updated based on the most recent EPA guidelines, implies that they are fitting to prevent environmental damage that may result from surface run-off. Contractors also understand the importance of reclaiming soaps and detergent, and the proper steps for disposal.

Avoid Damaging Your Property

With the dangers associated with pressure washing, you should stay away to avoid putting yourself or your premise at risk of possible damage to your property. If not done correctly one could cause permanent damage to concrete, window seals, wood, and siding. Apart from having the experience of using pressure washers to safely clean the areas of your home or business, professionals also have insurance backing that guarantees compensation for anything that may go wrong.

Save Your Time And Money

In addition to the above mentioned benefits, professional pressure cleaning companies can also save you time, hassle and replacement expenses that may result from doing the job yourself. Thus, if you have any cleaning needs for sidings, shingles, driveways, eaves, roofs and others do your research to find a highly reviewed contractor in your area.

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Saturday, October 10, 2020

How to Sanitize the Exterior of Your Home

While many of us know the importance of sanitizing the interior of our homes, it’s critical not to forget about the exterior. Outdoor areas, like doorways and patios, tend to be the perfect environment for bacteria and other living organisms to thrive. Furthermore, these areas are frequently touched but infrequently cleaned. That’s where power washing comes in.

Think of the exterior of your home as its largest surface. The most effective way to clean that surface is to power wash it. The right tools and equipment in the hands of a professional technician will be able to thoroughly sanitize your doorways, patio, siding, roof, and all outdoor areas.

In this post, we will discuss how power washing sanitizes your home, the most effective way to do it, and how you can maintain a clean and sanitary home.

How Power Washing Sanitizes Your Home

Power washing combines pressurized water and cleansers to sanitize a surface. Depending on the type of surface and the material it’s made from, pressure can vary widely. For example, roof shingles are washed at a much lower pressure than concrete. Knowing this can be the difference in having a sanitized home or a damaged home.

By combining water with cleansers successfully, you can achieve the following:

  • Eliminate living organisms.
  • Remove algae, mildew, and mold.
  • Wash away allergens, dust, and dirt.
  • Disinfect all exterior surfaces.

Ways to Power Wash Your Home

There are two options when it comes to power washing your home. You can do it yourself or hire a professional. If you plan to power wash your home, keep the following in mind:

  1. Do Your Research. Your house is a combination of different features and materials. Consider the differences between vinyl siding and a stone patio. Experienced power washing technicians have this down to a science. They know how to adjust to each surface and provide a safe cleaning.
  2. Have the Right Equipment. Power washers bought at a local hardware store are simple and closer to a garden hose than they are professional equipment. It’s critical to be able to change water pressure and have several nozzles at your disposal. You’ll also want to have a ladder and scrub brush, among other materials, on hand.
  3. Sanitize All Areas. Be sure to wash every side of your home, from the gutters to the ground, to prevent the opportunity for regrowth. This includes second stories and all hard-to-reach areas, which can quickly accumulate large amounts of algae and mold.

Power washing is an intricate and time-consuming job. While you could take on this task by yourself, hiring a professional company is the most effective and safest solution.

Maintaining a Clean & Sanitized Home

The best way to keep your home clean and sanitized is to power wash it at least once a year. Keeping your home well-maintained protects it from embedded staining, boosts curb appeal, and ensures that it’s sanitized.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Sanitization is Essential - Have Your Storefront and Shopping Carts Sanitized by StarCare Power Wash

StarCare Power Wash can disinfect and sanitize those areas that absolutely need professional pressure washing.

Full-service pressure washing and soft washing. We specialize in exterior cleaning on both commercial and residential properties. We are experienced, insured, reliable and easy to do business with! We also specialize in disinfecting and sanitizing exterior surfaces!

Call us today to set up your appointment!

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Pressure Washing A Front Porch - StarCare Powerwash

Greg and Tim with Starcare Powerwash show how they use professional equipment and hot water to effectively clean a front porch or patio. See more at

Thursday, October 1, 2020

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Pressure Washer

When you want something clean, usually you do it yourself. You probably wash your own dishes and wash your own clothes. You may wash your own car or, at least, drive it through the car wash yourself. Self-sufficiency is great when you know what you’re doing. Sometimes, however, hiring a professional pressure washer really is the smart, cost-effective solution to getting clean.

Sure, you could rent a pressure washer or hire a handyman or another amateur to do the high-powered washing you need done. But, let’s think about that for a moment. We’re talking about pressure washing. That means there’s a lot of pressure and a lot of water involved. So, what’s the worst that can happen? That depends on whether you’re washing something inside or outside. Either way the real answer is damage to your property.

So, why should you hire a professional pressure washer?
  1. A professional pressure washer knows the settings to use to get an effective clean with the least amount of risk to your property, including the amount of pressure and the temperature to use for each type of cleaning job.Avoiding potential damage to your house or property.
  2. A professional pressure washer is licensed and insured to protect both himself and his customers.
  3. A professional pressure washer may have the ability to recapture wash water to reduce the mess made by the cleaning process, while simultaneously reducing the ecological impact of the cleaning service.
  4. A professional pressure washer knows when soap and cleaning solutions are necessary and when they’re not, and also knows which products provide the most satisfactory clean without harmful residues.
  5. A professional pressure washer is highly trained and equipped with state of the art equipment, ensuring that he has the right tools to do an excellent job on your cleaning project.
Pressure washing services are often used to clean building exteriors on both residential and commercial properties. These services keep your buildings looking their best, while reducing the need to resurface or repaint them. Pressure washing services are also used to clean building interiors to eliminate tricky, persistent problems, like the removal and elimination of illness- and allergy-causing molds and mildews. If you want the security, know how, and results of a professional clean, contact us now to learn what our experts can do for you.