Saturday, December 30, 2017

Celebrate Your Journey! Welcome The New Journey!

2017 is at the end and 2018 is about to be born. What a perfect time to celebrate all the wonderful, delightful, challenging, learning experiences we've had all this year as we look forward with joy toward an even better and more engaging journey ahead for 2018.

The StarCare team wishes for you that you have had much to celebrate this past year and that the year ahead looks bright and full of promise!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Do Gas Stations Get Dirty? We Are The Clean Machine!

When the concrete or pavement is so dirty, it sticks to shoes and travels with everyone walking in and out of your store, or into their cars and trucks. But, just a little bit of maintenance from time to time can solve those issues and have your service station looking as close to new again as possible. See the dramatic difference in this one photo!

Call StarCare Power Wash to set up your own maintenance schedule today! 707-580-3665

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Mind Blowing New Light Show

Here's a spectacular light show to enjoy, courtesy of DarkSkyWatcher.

Merry Christmas from DarkSkyWatcher74 - make sure to subscribe for 2018 These clips just didn't have what it took to make the synced video but they are still cool so enjoy December 22nd 2017 - I need 7k more subscribers to get my silver play button plaque from youtube. If you enjoyed this video please hit the subscribe button for my channel and help me get the only Christmas Present I want. I would really like to start 2018 off with 100k subscribers. Thank you for your support of this channel over the years.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Merry Christmas from the StarCare Team!

From our families to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a blessed and prosperous New Year!

Monday, December 18, 2017

I'll Have Some Extra Chocolate On That!

Chocolate happens. Hey, stuff happens. We have spills. But, StarCare Power Wash can take care of most of those mishaps and have that space back to clean in no time at all. There's that mess and there it is gone. We specialize in clean! Let us help you get rid of that mess, whatever it is. 707-580-3665

Friday, December 15, 2017

Our Residential Services Help Your Place Shine And Stay Shining!

At StarCare Power Wash, we often do these services:

  • House wash
  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Bricks
Our Cleaning Process:
  • We do our cleaning with green environmentally friendly soaps and products
  • Use of hot water up to 212 degrees
  • We reclaim our water and are EPA compliant
  • We offer maintenance contracts for ongoing services

Call us today for a quote and appointment at 707-580-3665

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Dumpster Sticky Mess To Dumpster Area Renewal

After a while, it is bound to happen. The dreaded spill of some sticky ugly stuff. Maybe it even has unwanted odors too. It's time to call StarCare Power Wash and watch that ugliness become clean again and get rid of the odors as well.

Call StarCare Power Wash to clean up your dumpster pad, your sidewalk, patio, your house and more. Call 707-580-3665. See more at our website:

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Can Gas Station Pressure Washing Be Eco-friendly?

Foot traffic from hundreds of people quickly degrades the surface of a gas station’s hardscape and interior flooring. In addition to the oil, gasoline, and grime on these surfaces, you’ll also find stains made from puddles of dumped-out beverages, chewing gum, windshield cleansing fluids, and rubber marks that are difficult to remove using traditional cleaning tools. Pressure washing gas stations is the best way to lift stains and tough grime from flooring and pads. By working with a pressure washing company that has high environmental standards, you’ll keep your station sparkling and meet the environmental standards of the company that you represent at the same time.

When a green pressure washing company cleans a gas station, it will perform the services in a manner that has the least impact on your operations. The workers set up special equipment that prevents wastewater from going down drains and into surrounding surfaces before pre-treating the area in which they’ll work. If you want the professionals to clean the exterior of any buildings, they’ll take precautions to protect surrounding plants and landscaping.

Following industry standards, the professionals clean the pad and surfaces using the safest nozzle and pressure settings to lift dirt, grime, and tough stains and protect the equipment in the gas station at the same time. During the cleaning process, the technicians also use equipment that collects the wastewater. If their wastewater cleaning processes don’t clean the dirty water while on-site, they’ll store it in tanks and deliver it to a disposal facility.

When pressure washing gas stations, it’s best to use a professional service provider. Doing so eliminates the risk of accidentally contaminating the surrounding environment and local watershed, which may result in a hefty fine. Hiring a pressure washing company also eliminates the need to invest in high-quality pressure washing equipment and train employees in their safe and proper use.

PWNA Safety Procedures
The Power Washers of North America, a group that informs members on best practices for safety in pressure washing. Make sure your technicians are ready for work, wearing appropriate clothing and operating power washers in a safe manner. Take time before each project to train our pressure washing crews on safety issues.

Article courtesy of the Power Washers of North America

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Yes! Awnings Need Cleaning Too!

Those awnings have been out there in the weather gathering all manner of stuff from the environment and after time, they begin to look dingy. StarCare Power Wash to the rescue! Here's some before and after cleaning to see what we mean.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Top Reasons For Removing Graffiti

Graffiti is the visual scourge of American cities. As power washing experts, we’re thrilled to have the chance to clean up the USA and Canada’s gorgeous metropolises. Graffiti isn’t easy to remove—it may require a combination of pressure washing and sandblasting, both of which need specialized machinery. But hiring a professional power washer to handle that graffiti removal will bring you real benefits.

Benefits of Removing Graffiti

—Attract New Customers. The old adage advises us not to judge a book by its cover—or a business by its exterior. Yet potential clients do just that. The neat, attractive, well-kept business sends the impression of a well-managed business. Removing graffiti is a must-do for business owners looking to thrive.

—Minimize Crime. As writers such as Malcolm Gladwell have pointed out, seemingly small signs of blight can lead to more serious crimes. The thinking behind the so-called “Broken Windows Theory” goes like this: One bit of graffiti attracts more. Taggers see this area as a safe spot to spray. Other criminals get the message that this zone is rarely monitored, and they are more likely to commit crimes there. So, cleaning up graffiti makes whole neighborhoods safer.

—Strong building structure. Exterior paint is specially formulated to protect edifices. Spray paint weakens your building’s layer of protection against the elements. Moreover, the longer graffiti is left in place, the deeper it sinks into the subsurface and the more damage that’s done to the underlying building material.

—Steep long-term costs. Business and homeowners can’t swallow the cost of graffiti over the long term, one of which is a declining property value. Looks do impact real estate prices, and over time, graffiti sends potential buyers the message that your property isn’t worthwhile. Another cost of leaving graffiti in place: spray paint gets progressively harder and more expensive to remove as time goes by.

Why hire a professional? Because they are covered by liability insurance, experienced enough to avoid causing damage, and educated on how to get your job efficiently.

Courtesy of The Power Washers of North America blog

Monday, November 27, 2017

Why Do Pressure Washing Companies Use Water Reclamation?

While water covers 70 percent of the planet, less than 3 percent of it is fresh and only 1 percent of it is accessible. Because water is such a precious resource, pressure washing companies provide water reclamation services to keep local watersheds clean, reduce the impact on the local water supply and meet environmental standards.

What is Water Reclamation?

If you have a rain barrel at home to catch water that runs off your roof, you reclaim the water and put it to good use. Similarly, pressure-washing companies capture the wastewater that they produce using recovery and filtration units that vacuum wastewater using a berm, vacuuming surface-cleaner equipment or hand-held vacuum hoses. The water passes through a series of filters and into a holding tank for reuse or disposal. While this water isn’t drinkable, it is safe to use for landscaping irrigation, toilets, creating artificial bodies of water, mixing concrete, cleaning equipment and more. With a properly designed water reclamation system, the treated wastewater is of high enough quality to be safe for human exposure. When the technician cannot dispose of the wastewater properly or does not have a filtering system, he’ll take it to a disposal facility.

Why Professionals Use Water Reclamation Services

  • Reduce pollution: Wastewater produced by pressure washing equipment often has biological and chemical pollutants that may pose a danger to groundwater and local watersheds. Capturing the water helps ensure that only storm water goes into a municipal drain system.
  • It’s the law: In the US and Canada, there are state, federal and province-specific laws regarding what can go into sewers and storm drains. Pressure washing companies reclaim wastewater to protect the environment and maintain compliance with environmental laws.
  • Reduce the demand on local water supplies: As the demand for fresh water increases, so do water shortages. Using reclaimed water helps increase the amount of water available to homes and natural habitats.
  • Reduced operating costs: In Canada and the US, some customers are charged for the amount of water used and sent down the drain. Water reclamation services help lower these costs, enabling pressure-washing companies to pass the saving on to customers.

PWNA Safety Procedures

The Power Washers of North America, a group that informs members on best practices for safety in pressure washing. Make sure your technicians are ready for work, wearing appropriate clothing and operating power washers in a safe manner. Take time before each project to train our pressure washing crews on safety issues.

Courtesy of The Power Washers of North America blog

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Fairfield, California Is Our Home Base Of Operations

Fairfield is a city in, and the county seat of, Solano County, California, United States. Fairfield is considered the midpoint between the cities of San Francisco and Sacramento, approximately 40 miles from the city center of both cities, approximately 40 miles from the city center of Oakland, less than 19 miles from Napa Valley, 16 miles from the Carquinez Bridge, and 14 miles from the Benicia Bridge. It is located in the North-eastern part of the Bay Area. Fairfield was founded in 1856 by Clipper ship captain Robert H. Waterman, and named after his former hometown of Fairfield, Connecticut. It is the home of Travis Air Force Base and the headquarters of Jelly Belly. With a population of 108,321 at the 2010 census, it is slightly smaller in population than Vallejo. Other nearby cities include Suisun City, Vacaville, Rio Vista, Benicia, and Napa. The city has a total area of 37.6 square miles and is located within the California Coastal Ranges. The city is centered directly north of the Suisun Bay and northeast of the San Pablo Bay. Much of the Suisun Bay contains the Suisun Marsh, the largest saltwater marsh on the west coast of the United States. Thanks for watching!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Fast Food Restaurant Doors Can Be Problematic When Customers Have Their Hands Full

You go into the fast food restaurant and have your hands full of food in a bag and drinks in hand or on a tray, and then there is a door you have to navigate with that load. This is a perfect place for spills to happen: Cola and other sweet sticky drinks, shakes, milk, you name it. Crash. It's all over the sidewalk. The manager has someone clean it up for sure, but over time, it looks worse and worse. It's looking nasty even.

Then, StarCare Power Wash comes to the rescue and that place becomes so clean that it is like starting all over again. You know it's going to happen again, right? Let's schedule some regular cleanings! Keep the outside of your shop as clean as the inside! The oil in the parking lot too!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Restoring Color and Character By Power Washing

You thought it was originally brown and then it was gray for so long that you forgot. We can restore the color, texture, and character with our special power washing! Call us at 707-580-3665 to find out more.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Take Care with High-PSI Pressure Washers

Many lances include an adjustment dial or lever which regulates the stream, letting the operator focus the spray on a single, small area, or widening the jet’s reach to cover a larger area.

Naturally, higher velocity equals greater force available for dislodging dirt particles. Greater force means less water is used during the cleaning process, helping you clean faster. This, in turn, saves water, chemical costs, and time, getting you to the next job faster.

On the other side of the equation, high-pressure water jets can cause permanent damage to the surface you are cleaning if the surface is painted, soft, or sensitive to force.

It is always recommended you use the lowest pressure possible to effectively get the job done. To ensure you don’t cause any lasting damage, test your water jet on an inconspicuous area beforehand.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Environmental Benefits to Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a great way to clean hard surfaces, prepare substrates for painting and to restore the look of homes and buildings. While some associate the equipment with harsh chemicals, green pressure washing is environmentally friendly and has a low carbon footprint.

Green Pressure Washing Advantages

  • Clean quickly: Because pressure washing allows you to clean surfaces quickly, you use less energy and water than other techniques, including manual cleaning techniques. When cleaning a patio with a pressure washer, for example, you’ll use up to 75 percent less water than doing the same job with a garden hose. On average, it costs about 15 cents per hour to operate an electric pressure washer.
  • Eco-friendly detergents: Standard pressure washing cleaners sometimes have harsh chemicals that can harm local ecosystems. Green pressure washing detergents are biodegradable and safer for the environment. You can often wash a surface with just water.
  • Reduce the demand for natural resources: In general, it’s less expensive to clean a surface with a pressure washer than it is to replace it. By cleaning and restoring items that are in good shape, you reduce waste, energy, and the demand for the natural resources used to make and ship the respective item.
  • Protect local watersheds: Throughout the country, there are laws regarding wastewater to protect local watersheds and ecosystems. When you work with a green pressure washing company, the company acquires any necessary permits on your behalf and, when appropriate, takes steps to reclaim wastewater to capture oils, dirt, grime, chemicals and other pollutants.
Article is courtesy of The Power Washers of North America 

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Welcome To Our New Blog

Thanks for stopping by. We are starting our new blog and will be sharing a lot about how power washing can be of benefit, especially on exterior surfaces. Drop by again soon!