Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Fast Food Restaurant Doors Can Be Problematic When Customers Have Their Hands Full

You go into the fast food restaurant and have your hands full of food in a bag and drinks in hand or on a tray, and then there is a door you have to navigate with that load. This is a perfect place for spills to happen: Cola and other sweet sticky drinks, shakes, milk, you name it. Crash. It's all over the sidewalk. The manager has someone clean it up for sure, but over time, it looks worse and worse. It's looking nasty even.

Then, StarCare Power Wash comes to the rescue and that place becomes so clean that it is like starting all over again. You know it's going to happen again, right? Let's schedule some regular cleanings! Keep the outside of your shop as clean as the inside! The oil in the parking lot too!

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