Friday, June 22, 2018

Property Managers , HOA’s and Businesses Have Special Needs

If you are a property manager, handle the property maintenance for a Homeowner’s Association or are in charge of exterior maintenance for a business, you have a responsibility to your customers to provide a clean, safe environment. Not every pressure washing service is equipped to handle the cleaning needs of a commercial customer. Issues such as water reclaim that is mandated by the EPA’s (Environmental Protection Agency’s) Clean Water Act come into play. A commercial pressure washing company also needs the right equipment to perform your job efficiently and without risk of damage.


Call StarCare Power Wash for All Your Power Washing Needs!

Family owned and operated, community driven, and future focused. StarCare Power Wash believes in quality, superb results, relationships and offer the StarCare your property deserves with professionalism, technique and poise.

Our Cleaning Process

• Clean with environmentally green soaps and products
• Use hot water (up to 212 degrees)
• Reclaim waste water; EPA Compliant

We offer maintenance contracts for ongoing services

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