Thursday, April 18, 2019

The Top 8 Benefits of Commercial Power Washing

Commercial power washing is about more than just keeping your facility’s exterior clean; it allows you to maintain the building exterior and extend the life expectancy of landscaping, parking lot, and the roof. Facilities Managers seeking to do more with less must understand a few things about the benefits of commercial power washing.

Commercial Power Washing Seems Unnecessary.
Commercial power washing can seem like an extra chore for Facilities Managers with stressed budgets. Facilities Managers that do attempt to power wash facility exteriors without experience may do more harm than good. The wrong settings could peel away stucco, blow holes in the roof and walls, and contaminate your grounds with corrosive detergents. This is why outsourcing commercial power washing is the preferred choice.

Effective Commercial Power Washing Is Scheduled, Frequent and Thorough.
An effective commercial power washing program must consider the potential dangers of using such equipment. Staff members may require specialized equipment to prevent injury, use the correct detergent and understand how to properly tune equipment to clean the building exterior. Outsourcing the process to trained, experienced staff can eliminate these risks and offer several leading benefits.

Leading Benefits of Commercial Power Washing.
Commercial power washing is an integral step in preventing the buildup of dirt, pathogens, and damaging substances, such as acid rain, on the building’s exterior. Even landscaping accents, including benches, landscape boulders, sidewalks, and the parking lots, may quickly grow dirty. Birds, Mother Nature, snow remediation chemicals, and employee and guest actions contribute to the gradual deterioration of the grounds. Instead of leaving things to chance, Facilities Managers can implement a commercial power washing program and reap its benefits. As explained by Jeff Robison of LinkedIn, some of these benefits include:

  • Commercial Power Washing Improves the Attractiveness of Your Building. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and an aesthetically pleasing building does just that.
  • Clean Buildings Are Easier to Inspect. Clean buildings are easier to manage, especially regarding inspections and performing maintenance, like repairing damaged siding, windows, walkways, or even stucco.
  • It Helps to Prevent the Buildup of Dirt and Mold. A clean facility ensures harmful bacteria and spores, like black mold, do not have an opportunity to grow unchecked on the building exterior. Mold and spores release toxins that will gradually dissolve most building materials, so cleaning these building-hungry spores from surfaces extends life expectancy.
  • Power Washing Enhance Building Hygiene. Clean grounds help prevent employees and customers from tracking potentially harmful debris into the building, increasing the risk of contamination of food and products. It Restores Roof Appearance. Power washing the roof can help prevent the decay of roofing materials and restore the roof’s ability to repel heat and water.

Put the Power of Commercial Power Washing to Work for Your Facility Now.

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