Tuesday, September 10, 2019

How Roof Cleaning Can Extend the Life of Your Roof

Here's how a few hundred dollars in roof cleaning can double the life of your multithousand-dollar roof.

I sincerely believe that when we are cleaning someone’s roof, we are in fact saving them far more money than we are charging them.


Because besides removing the dark stains and lowering the temperature in their attic, we are removing the decomposers on their roofs and dramatically extending the service life of their roofing system.

If you don’t believe me, keep reading, and see if I don't make a compelling case.

Roof warranties

For starters lets look at your manufacturer and the warranty they supply on your roof. I'm sure you are quite impressed with the warranty claims of most roofing systems: 20, 25, 30 years and up to a lifetime warranty! None of us look forward to the day where we stroke a large check and hear the beeping as we watch a dump truck backing up to our house so that our old roofing system can be taken to the landfill and the new roof fixed on.

As mentioned, these roof warranties are impressive, but they do come with their fine print as they should. After all, you can't guarantee to someone whom you sold your car that it will last very long without him maintaining the oil or keeping air in the tires.

Few people take the time to read their warranty information, but there are limitations on the warranty claims of your roofing system. Among other limitations such as:

• contractor’s error
• falling objects
• foot traffic
• acts of God

So, too, are the limitations regarding fungus, mold, lichen, and algae, though some indirectly refer to this by referencing failure to adhere to recommended maintenance instructions provided by the roofing manufacturer. So proof number one is that your roofing manufacturer knows the cleanliness of your roof directly affects its service life and has written it into the fine print of your manufacturer’s warranty.

If your roof is dirty, they won’t put it under warranty!

Article Source: https://www.angieslist.com/articles/how-roof-cleaning-can-extend-life-your-roof.htm

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